Our 24/7 monitoring center offers cutting-edge rhythm analysis, reporting, and
clinical decision support to IDTF's, Hospitals, and physician practice.

Dependable & superior heart monitoring
and reporting services


We provide clinicians and hospital administrators with critical data that helps them
make more informed decisions, leading to reduced costs and better patient outcomes

Connected Critical Care Solution

What We Do


ECG Analyzing & Reporting Services

Infinity Heart Health LLC (IHH) offers superior ECG analysis and interpretation services to leading IDTF’s and many startups in the heart monitoring space.
Our highly experienced CCI-CCT/CRAT techs with years of experience diagnose your patients clinical data.


Connected Critical Care Solutions

CoMeT ConnectTM, our Connected Care Solution, captures data from a range of intensive care devices to help hospitals make more informed decisions around patient treatment. With CoMeT ConnectTM, clinicians at hospitals can reduce unnecessary testing and patient readmissions, and increase patient discharge rates, thereby improving overall patient health outcomes.